Retirement Strategies

Are you considering retirement? And more importantly are your finances ready for it? What should you do with your pension pot when it is available?

In order to have sufficient income for retirement and maintain the same standard of living takes careful planning across a wide area:

  • Is your pension pot sufficient? Should you invest in property instead to provide a steady income stream? Do you have the right balance between high and low risk investment? We can advise on the tax and financial implications of any such decision and provide expert advice.
  • How to leave your business? Are you leaving it to the next generation or do you sell? Either way, good planning is the key, we can advise on the most tax efficient exit route. We can also provide advice on how to value your business and how to find the right buyer if you intend to sell.
  • Do you have sufficient life assurance provisions? Have you made plans for long-term care and medical insurance?

The three keys to successful retirement planning are:

1. Plan well ahead – the early bird catches the worm! The earlier you start, the better prepared your finances will be.

2. Maintain balance & flexibility – it is vital to have a balance between high and low risk exposures and to maintain flexibility with regard to investments such as pensions, savings and insurance.

3. Seek professional advice – we are here to help. This is a very complex and constantly changing area – having professional help at every step is strongly recommended.

Our professional team can help you prepare and put into place a comprehensive retirement strategy – giving you peace of mind to enjoy life to the full now and into the future.

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